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8 Minutes With JAFAR ( Just For Fun )

hi guys 
my new remix  released now , and available for free download 
just for fun and i hope to enjoy 

I Love The Rain Pooria Hallaj Reboot )

Babak Rahnama - I Love The Rain
Pooria Hallaj Reboot )

Adele - Some one Like You (Pooria Hallaj Remix)

Dj Pooria Hallaj Release a New Remix From  Adele - Some one Like You 

Special Thanks To David Nail - Reverbnation Records - Universal Ars
You Can Free Download This Mix In 2 Version 
First Original Remix & secend 4 Minute
mix For  You'r Radio shows
Download MP3 320 Q

Zed Bazi - Delam Tang Shode ( Dj Pooria Hallaj Remix )

Remember-V.S- Close up

Ali Kiani Remember
Mahsa Navi Close up

Dj Pooria Remix )

I Live With U

Babak Rahnama - Zendegi Ba To Behtare 

Slow Melody From Dj Pooria

Zendegi ba to Behtare - Slow ( Dj Pooria Remix )
Babak Rahnama

Mobile Ringtone 3


Duel 87 - DJ Pooria

Reza sadeghi Vaysa donya - Behnam safavi Khaste shodam
Dj Pooria Remixes

Reza sadeghi Vaysa donya - Behnam safavi Khaste shodam - Dj Pooria Remix
Dj Pooria (Duel 87)

Mobile Ringtone 2


Mobile Ringtone 1


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